About us

Our company considers it important to you that your shipments reach the finish line, as if you had personally handed over.

Kósik Trade Ltd. is intended to provide you with fast shipment on reasonable price.

Our goal is to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients with wide range of services tailored to the needs of our customers at competitive prices.

Why choose us?

We also solve your unique transportation problems.


You can expect us anytime, we are at your disposal.


We deliver our shipments to the destination properly in time.


We deliver our shipments as soon as possible.


We adapt to our customers' changing needs.

Destination countries

We used to forward weekly to England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Benelux.

So your goods can be sent to the desired address even within one day, both imports and exports transition directions.

Cargo insurances

All of our vehicles have CMR insurance and BÁF, which is even better help our clients in enforcing their interests in case of any accident or damage to the goods occurred.

We take care of the physical protection of our consignments with safety equipments, fixing devices and glides.

Vehicle fleet

We are currently supplying 22 vehicles in domestic and international freight tasks.

Enclosed vans

5 pallet capacity

170 x 400 x 180 cm

1200 kg

Closed trucks

5 pallet capacity

205 x 420 x 225 cm

1200 kg

Closed trucks

9 pallet capacity

205 x 446 x 225 cm

1100 kg

Closed trucks

10 pallet capacity

205 x 496 x 225 cm

1000 kg


Business associates, who we work with.

Besttrack s.r.o.
Vonnák Trans
HRT Spedition

Company infos

Kósik Trade Kft.

2700 Cegléd, Felház utca 25.

FurgonFuvar logó

Tax number: HU14334225

Transportation license number: KAF-13-007873

TimoCom number: 199514

Our team

Our staff are readily available to our customers.

János Kósik


+36 70 616 62 69

Gergő László

Transport organizer

+36 70 548 97 47

Zoltán Angyal

Transport organizer

+36 30 197 57 67

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